WOW! Where do I start? OK, here we go..... I'll start with the neck which is marked "T G 12/19/52" it's been oversprayed or possibly refinished. The decal and headstock has been oversprayed and it's difficult for me to tell if the logo is original or not. It looks to me as if it's been replaced at some point. The tuners are reissue no line Klusons. The body has also been refinished to natural(Hippie Wood). All of the correct dowells and pin router markings are all in the right places as well as the "router hump' near the neck pocket. The neck pocket is marked "T G 1/12/53". I think that the pencil markings on the end of the neck and the neck pocket were touched up when the refin occured. The pots have been replaced and they are marked "1376417" which translates to the 17th week of 1964. The bridge plate is original with serial number 3889 stamped on it and the saddles are also correct. The control cavity still has the piece of masking tape with "Gloria 1/22/53" on it. It was NOT touched up. Whoever did the refin proably carefully removed the taped before the refin and then placed it back afterwards. The bridge pickup looks original to me but the neck pickup I'm not sure of. The pickguard is not original. It comes with a generic black tolex hard shell case. This is just a super cool player 1952/53 Fender Telecaster that will not break the bank. Original examples are really bringing BIG $$$$$$. Own this one for a fraction of that! Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Payment is to be recived within 5 days of the auction close. Please be sure to emai with any questions. All auction sales are final.