Fender Telecaster parts

March 3, 1952 Telecaster body. One piece ash body has been stripped and clear coated. No extra holes! Bridge plate is original, saddles are not. Pickups are original. They read 6.89k bridge, and 6.07k neck. Their leads were cut short. Used sections of cloth wire have been grafted on to make them the proper length. The control plate, 3 way switch, the jack cup, and the strap buttons are the only other original parts. The knobs are Fender, but later. The bridge cover (ashtray) could be original but we're unsure. The pickguard is a repro. The pots and input jack are newer replacement parts. It's a nice lightweight body. The whole thing assembled weighs less than 6 pounds. The strip, sand, and clearcoat job isn't toobad. The edges were not over sanded too much.