This beauty has it all. Neck date 11/2/51 TG body date 10/31/51 TG. original finish on body, neck has had some refinish work on the finger board and a fret job. Tuners original, it has a Bigsby that goes with it and was used at one time and the cover pick up plate almost covered up the two screw hole from the bigsby. The electronic are working fine and it does have the cap on the front pickup which makes its sound at a lessor volume then the back pick up which really bites and cuts through. the action is very good, the pick guard has the name of John Traynor on it and it is a 50's tele pick guard. It comes with a hard shell case not original to that year. Buyer prepays at close of auction within 4 days add $25 For shipping and handling within the USA. Good Luck