(PLEASE, SEE THE MANY FOLLOWING PICTURES, YOU MAY NEED TO GIVE IT A FEW MINUTES TO DOWNLOAD THEM ALL) This is an auction for one very rare and valuable vintage Fender Telecaster electric guitar dated October 1953 (10/53). I am not a dealer, so there are no extra fees tacked on to the sale. I am not willing to sell this very valuable item through the mail, so please only bid if you are willing to purchase this guitar in person. THIS DESCRIPTION IS A LENGTHY ONE BECAUSE I WISH TO DISCLOSE ALL INFO. THAT I HAVE ON THE GUITAR FOR THE BUYER. My husband and I took this guitar to several vintage dealers and I will share the info. I now know with you. It is a 1953 vintage Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar. It has all original parts, finish, Fender case, and amp cord. When put together, the guitar has a beautiful sound. The body is made of Ash and the neck is made of Maple. The neck has such value especially because of the original wear on the frets, marking the vintage age of the item. The body is in good condition, minor knicks and surface scratches, and the original finish is still on the guitar...of course, quite worn. It is in fair-good condition, with the flaws being wear from age, one pickup not working, female end where amp cord plugs in needs tightening, and pick guard is absent. The case is very valuable. The case is very old, original, quite beaten up inside and out, appears to have been secured with tape, at one time. This was not necessary, it does close securely without. It is the original fender case. The original cord is valuable as well. We were advised to take the guitar apart, but to not fix or refurbish anything because it would damage the value. When taken apart, we were able to confirm the date and the maker of this guitar. On the front body under the cover of the bottom of the string area are the makers initials. I hope you know more than we do, but it looks like "ESQ" to us. The date is written 10/53 at the end of the neck with the same date under the base of the neck of the guitar, on the body of the guitar written vertically, with the same initials for both parts. We know this increases the value because the same person made both parts. Under the metal plate in the back at the very edge of the body where one of the screws was located is a very small wood chip, yet is still intact on the guitar. We were also informed that it may be a Nocaster with extra value for being a "clipped label" guitar from Fender. It is patent pending with the serial number 4438. Again, we will only sell this item in person with cash, cashier's check, or money order. There will be no returns allowed, which is one of the reasons for an in person transaction. We also refuse to pay escrow fees or commission to some dealer to list it for us. We are starting this guitar at a high starting price, because if we do not get at least the $7000.00, we would rather hold onto the guitar as it will only increase in value!PLEASE, LOOK AT MY POSITIVE FEEDBACK TO GET A FEEL FOR THE BUYER THAT I AM. Please, contact me with any question. Thanks for your time, and HAPPY BIDDING!