1959 Fender Esquire Telecaster “Telesquire” If you are LOOKING FOR A COMPLETELY ORIGINAL 1950s Fender maple neck Esquire or Telecaster...KEEP LOOKING...but other than a 36 year old professional conversion, refinish, and MAYBE a fret job, it appears the rest of this one is ORIGINAL. I gigged with this “Top Loader” Esquire for nearly 15 years and it is a players dream...with no nightmares about getting a ding in your mint 59 Telecaster! According to the original owner, this 1959 Esquire was converted to a “Telesquire” (no routing necessary...the original routings were there in all bodies) and professionally refinished in a clear butterscotch in 1966 with some overspray on the back of the neck (the refinish does have some wear spots on the front and back), he said they used the original pickguard for the conversion, and it was not refretted then, although I am not too certain, regardless, the frets are in very good shape. Of one thing I am certain, this guitar has the deep vintage Telecaster “woman tone” and biting “Tele-sting” you are looking for!! This “Telesquire” has some unusual and rare Fender features: Top loading “PAT. PENDING” bridge so no holes drilled through the body (Fender used this bridge for approximately 18 months) and double stamp neck plate (024107 on front and -24737 on back (the supplier goofed and Leo used them anyway)) THE NECK DATE AND ALL OF THIS INDICATES 1959, original tuners, appears like the original “ashtray,” and case. The neck is dated “2 - 59” although a stray pencil mark makes it look like an “8.” It was originally butterscotch (in the cavities), but the original owner first tried to paint it red and finally took it to a professional for the conversion and clear butterscotch. Includes the original “1959” Esquire control panel/knobs/pots(dated 1959) (shown in photo next to the 1966 Telecaster control panel/pots(dated 1966) now installed, so with a new pickguard you should be able to “deconvert“ to an Esquire), original hard shell Fender Tweed case, although both latches and the leather around the handle are gone, the middle buckle works and holds the case together. The neck is alone is probably worth $2,500 (check closed auction # 856011786). It looks remarkably like Bruce Springsteen’s Esquires, except his refinished clear butterscotch axes have black pickguards. Within 10 days of auction ending, the winning US bidder to pay winning bid plus $40.00 shipping/handling/insurance/fees by Personal Check, Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Paypal (preferred method). Please click on the Paypal icon for more information on how to pay with a credit card and earn $5.00 for joining. Personal Checks delay delivery by 10 business days and are subject to bounced check fees of $50.00, payments by other stated methods will allow shipping of items within 24 hours of receipt of payment. To enact right of refusal and obtain refund of winning bid less all associated auction, shipping, transaction, and other directly-related costs, winning bidder must notify seller by eMail or telephone within 24 hours of receipt confirmation and ship to seller address at winning bidder cost and risk in original packaging within 48 hours of receipt confirmation and arrive in original condition as described herein. (Sorry the return policy is so detailed, but I recently had a “bummer deal” where the individual (who left EXTREMELY positive feedback) had buyers remorse after two months and wanted a full refund of his original bid, and didn’t want to pay for the eBay fees, Paypal fees, shipping costs, etc...it only takes a few “bad apples” to mess up the whole barrel.) Happy bidding!